Subject: The e-wallet battle in Malaysia (extensive analysis)

The e-wallet Infinity war in Malaysia - Everything you need to know about e-wallet starts here...
If there is only one article you need to read to understand e-wallet in Malaysia, this is the one :) 

Don't miss our extensive analysis on topics below:
  • The dawn of the e-wallet infinity war
  • Does e-wallet provider need a license in Malaysia?
  • What is BNM's policy on e-wallet?
  • Who are the e-wallet providers in Malaysia?
  • Which e-wallet providers will stay in the long run?
  • Will Malaysians use e-wallet?
  • Understanding e-wallet 1-2-3
  • Why should retailers & etailers care?
  • How to differentiate Static vs Dynamic QR payment?
  • Who will win: network-based or card-based e-wallet?

Recent "cashless" news
WeChat Pay Malaysia e-wallet is now accepted at Petron stations
PETRONAS launches Setel, the e-payment solution for fuel purchases
myNEWS app launched to faciliate cashless purchases & virtual loyalty card
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